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Talking to Tony Schumacher

A former policeman lost everything and was forced to sleep rough in his car. The…

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five members of Liverpool band - Traits


Traits are a synth-based Indie Band from Liverpool. Their debut single 'Holding On' is a…

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Interview with Midge Ure

Growing up you lived in a one-bedroom tenement, I believe until you were 10? Did…

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The late, great, Gerry Marsden

You’ll Never Walk Alone is a song synonymous with the people of Liverpool since Gerry…

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Interview with Dave Hill: Slade

I believe you bought your first guitar from Kay’s catalogue. Can you remember any of…

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The Liverbirds

In Liverpool in 1963 the music world was exploding. Musical talent, attitude and the knowledge…

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LIVERPOOL LIVE 247 – Liverpool’s newest radio station breaks the internet!

The stars aligned for Liverpool born businessman Rod Keay in more than one way when…

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