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Leonie Jakobi

Leonie Jakobi

I would like to introduce you to Leonie Jakobi a singer/songwriter with a great future.

This 23-year-old Frankfurt Native, who is currently based in Liverpool, has been immersed in the world of music ever since she was a young girl.

Taking the sound brought to her by her father, through musicians such as Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles, made Leonie Jakobi form her first ever band at just 13 years of age. She’s submerged herself in many different cultures and environments to create a unique Rock / Folk Pop sound that combines the power of three-part harmonies, classic rock anthems and pounding drums with intimate and resonating vocals.

The mission in her music is to tell stories of the ages, to connect and hold a place in the heart of her listeners with a raw sense of merciless honesty.

Her debut single “Are You Lonely Enough”, due for release in February 2020 is a product of years of sound and soul searching. Creating a vibrant yet somehow delicate fusion of rock / folk/ pop music, the combination of her distinctive voice and hypnotic drums have you hooked from the start.

The identity of the music is parallel with the identity of the creator – connecting with every person that hears the songs and meets Leonie is what gives her music such intimacy.

Check her out…

Facebook: @leoniejakobi

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