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Various Covers Of The Buz Magazine

The Buz Magazine Reunion

Remember the good old days when every pub was filled with people catching up with friends, a pint was £3.00, a huge smoke cloud engulfed the ceiling, and net curtains framed windows that bounced red, green, and blue lights off them?

You’d walk down the road greeting everyone as you went, tuning into the muffled sounds coming from your favourite pub to see if the band you loved was playing.

If you didn’t know where they were playing, you’d nip into any venue and pick up a copy of the latest Buz Magazine, ending up on pub crawl where you’d experience the best in the local, live music that Merseyside had to offer.

Filled with 100 glorious pages of the best entertainment in the best venues, The Buz came out on the 1st of the month, every month, without fail.

It wasn’t without its problems, however. How many of you remember the fraudster who told everyone that I was dying of cancer and collected payments on our behalf? Or – dare I say, “the hoover man”? The least said about that, the better (if you know, you know!).

The early days were by far the best, especially the deliveries; Wendy Cowell and I singing the theme tune to The Professionals, rolling over the car bonnet – cop style – with our hands mimicking guns. Or driving through an unmarked crossroads, narrowly missing a double-decker bus, and screeching to a halt on the other side, looking at each other in slow motion and bursting out laughing at the near-death experience we had escaped. What about when we had 35,000 entries to the first ever Buz awards? THE BUZ AWARDS! That requires a whole column to itself! But I do have to mention WKD shots (major cringe) and ambulances!

I haven’t even mentioned CID, the gun story, the infamous guillotine (step away!), “SNIFF”, the court case, Wirral Council, the Capitol restaurant, Alley Cats, The Buz Showcases… The list is endless!

Today is a different story. Times are tough, covid has changed the world forever, and people have started looking back. With that in mind, Marc Kenny, Jade Thunder and I are bringing you a ‘one night only’ experience to re-live those glory days.

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday 26th February 2023

CONFIRMED ACTS SO FAR (Chosen because they advertised with the Buz) listed A-Z:

Alan Armstrong
Caroline England
Insanity Beach
Koo Ka Choo
Marc Kenny
Mark Lacey
Next of Kin (Di & Jade)
Paul Kappa
Rigsby’s Cat
Tone Junkies
More to be confirmed…

Two names are notably missing: Gary Murphy and Hush. Gary and Brian can’t make the date as they already have work commitments, and they will be missed greatly.
This promises to be a day and night to remember and one not to be missed! See social media for details.

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