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Katie Nicholas: Dizzy



Imagine a bright sunny, summers day, the green trees still against the bluest sky. Young couples in love, strolling hand in hand through the park and you will have imagined the scene that is in my head when I listen to the album Dizzy by Katie Nicholas.

I only heard Katie for the first time a few weeks ago and what I heard really impressed me. It was a track off the album called Chemistry. I was completely taken by the clever lyrics, clear diction and country-esque vocal. The song is essentially a love song with a young girl describing how her and her loved one fit together. ‘Love is like a calculation, funny little combinations’, Katie even gets a cheeky reference to Issac Newton in there! Great stuff.

Other stand out tracks include Boots, which explores the reasoning behind being dumped. Katie writes about walking in her ex’s boots for a day so she can understand what happened. Again, clever little pop song with an upbeat melody.

Sweet Talk is another favourite. I like this formulaic writing method with its clever references to the subject put to a, dare I say, sweet melody. The title is quite ironic here though as the intent is quite bitter.

All in all, the album cover sums the content up very well. A young girl writing of her first encounters with relationships and love. Trying to make sense of it all. Trying to understand why someone who promises ‘forever’ doesn’t mean it.

I think this is a taste of a very clever writer, an accomplished musician and a superb vocalist. Katie is one to watch as her creativity evolves.

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