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Julie Campbell

Julie Campbell

Artist Julie Campbell has always been interested in art history.

She has painted and sketched since a child. It was the encouragement of several artist friends that contributed to her life changing decision to return to adult education and gain a degree in Fine Art at Wirral Met. A course that she would recommend to any budding artist. After completing her Degree, she had the privilege of working alongside students to assist in their studies at degree level.

Julie Campbell
Julie Campbell

Her main art practice is painting and the artwork she creates is inspired mainly from nature and the estuary on the Wirral, though she also has a passion for the mountains in Scotland. Her works of art are often full of energy and strong mark making. She enjoys being playful with a range of media which is chosen as the painting resolves itself. She is on a continual journey to find new expressions of the methods to use within her work. The use of quick, gestural mark making convey a sense of energy that explore the construction process.

She is proud to be a member of West Kirby Arts and has exhibited with the group on several occasions.

Her artwork can be found in local galleries and has also sold internationally. Currently her artwork can be found in The Barn in Heswall and on their website.

She has been an artist taking part of the Wirral Open Studio Tour for five years, sharing studio space with fellow artist Linda Edward.


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