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Collette Collinge: Life Goes On

Life Goes On

Life Goes On, was the very first time Collette Collinge painted the Liverpool Ferries.

“I wanted to capture the vigour and memories of my youth, my life and quintessentially what Liverpool means to people world-wide.”

The paintings clearly resonate, and prints sell well world-wide. Since its inception Collette has painted a further seven in the series, each featuring their own stories.

“I’ve dedicated three to Gerry Marsden, all of which are now in the ownership of his family, quite an honour to know Gerry had them hanging in his den along with his Gold Discs!”

The last in the series is on the easel now, nearing completion and already sold.

The title will be You’ll Never Walk Alone and is a monotone study, greys, blacks and whites with a pop of red on the ensign.

A permanent art installation featuring all the Ferries alongside John Lennon re-imagined can be viewed in the upper dining area of Woodside Ferry Village.

Signed, limited edition prints, and ferry mugs can be found for sale in The Blue Moon Gallery, Telegraph Road, Heswall and Merseymade, Liverpool 1.

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